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cotswoldetours based in the stroud district - electric bike tours. top weekend activity
Cotswoldetours - beautiful countrside

"Getting lost is one of the best ways to experience an unfamiliar place"

2 min read 

Why guided tours are the best way to experience the cotswolds.

Cotswoldetours_great trails

"I want the Cotswolds to keep its signature beauty – and I want to help visitors see and enjoy as much of it as they possibly can"

2 min read 

There are a ton of fun ways to get around the Cotswolds, but not all of them are good for such a beautiful place. 


Cotswoldetours_stunning views

Just as we go to the polls in 2024, will the Active Travel scheme fulfill its promise?

3 min read 

The Active Travel scheme is a key government policy, but it has failed, so far!


The number of e-bike and e-scooter battery fires has quadrupled in the UK since 2020, injuring at least 190 people.

5 min read 

Be wary of brands that are far cheaper than those of competitors.

Cotswoldetours_guided off-road electric bike tours in the Cotswolds

No government has ever backed a program to support cycling as a serious alternative mode of transport, unlike some other countries.

2 min read 

The debate about sharing road space continues to rumble on.

Cotswoldetours_Minchinhampton Common

"It's the small moments that keep our lives fresh and enjoyable."

2 min read 

Skylarks singing and stunning views guaranteed.

Cotswoldetours_exceptional views

An insight into cycling in the UK.

5 min read 

The gap is closing with more women choosing to cycle.

Cotswoldetours_Painswick Church

It took months of riding what I thought were good routes only to discover hazards that could easily unseat a client with minimal experience of riding off-road.

3 min read 

Trying to solve the mystery of how to find new clients.

Cotswoldetours_Cotswold tracks and trails

Taken from extracts of a recent interview by with Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter James May.

2 min read 

The us-and-them, cyclists-versus-motorists narrative is one that is played out regularly in the media.

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