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Why Guided Tours are the Best Way to See the Cotswolds

Getting lost is one of the best ways to experience an unfamiliar place, but it’s rarely the ideal option when you’re short on time and want to get the most out of a particular adventure or hard earned holiday. This may seem obvious but, when I started looking into the local market of bike tours, I noticed that the offerings were limited to rental only. 


This was really disappointing, because out of all the bike-riding adventures I’ve experienced over the years, in the UK and abroad, the best and most enjoyable were those led by an experienced guide; one who knew the area intimately. Instead of handing people the tools and expecting them to build their own adventure, local guides helped everyone get the most out of the experience.


At the end of these tours, often tired but wishing that we could keep going, I felt that I had seen and experienced so much more than would be possible without a guide, especially so when I was somewhere unique. I was able to develop a much richer awareness of the area from an expert guide who shared local knowledge and insights.


Having those memorable guided experiences of my own, it felt natural to offer a guided service when I decided to launch my own e-biking adventure business. More than anything else, I wanted to help others experience sights that are off the beaten path – the secluded, tucked-away spots you’re unlikely to find on your own. I wanted everyone who joins my tours to leave having experienced something genuinely rewarding, and with a greater appreciation of our local countryside treasures.


Guided tours are so much more than simple hand holding, as the logistical overhead is on our shoulders instead of yours, so you can just show up and enjoy the event with someone else organising the group itinerary. Without a guide, one member of the party will need to take the responsibility of holding everything together, which will inevitably detract from their own personal enjoyment.


Taking a tour with Cotswoldetours means that everyone can relax and enjoy the experience fully – reassured in the knowledge that the guide isn’t Uncle Terry, who only thinks he knows the way! 


No guidebook, website or mobile app can replace the human connection of having someone local to point out the places that are special to them. 


A guided tour of the stunning Cotswolds is more than just an awesome experience: It is one of the best ways to discover the people and places that help to make the area outstanding. 

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