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We’ve got enough common enemies!

Taken from extracts of a recent interview by with Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter James May.

“The thing I can’t stand, I’ve railed against this before [is] road sectarianism.

“Supposedly bus drivers hate taxi drivers and car drivers hate cyclists, but cyclists hate people on electric scooters and so it goes on and on and on,” he says.

The us-and-them, cyclists-versus-motorists narrative is one that is played out regularly in the media.

“It’s a great story for the media because they like to get a famous personality ranting about bikes and taxi driver ranting about how he or she has to make a living,” he says.

“It's a good story, but it's all b*ll*cks, frankly.

“People just need to accept the fact that we’ve got enough common enemies. To be honest, if you're riding a bike or driving car or using a motorcycle or a scooter, things like potholes, bad road markings, badly parked things, roadworks, bits being constantly dug up, all these things annoy all of us, and we have those in common.

“We don't need to fall out with each other about it,” he adds.


You can see the full interview here:

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