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Our Terms & Conditions


Participants are expected to comply with all the safety guidance and instructions given by Cotswoldetours. A safety briefing will take place before the start of the ride and there will also be an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with how the bike operates. 

All participants are expected to be able to cycle safely on public roads and be able to follow the Highway Code. 

If you choose to decline the helmet provided, or do not wear it as advised, you will be deemed to have accepted full responsibility for this decision. 

In the event of a breakdown, Cotswoldetours will make every effort to repair or replace the equipment for the client. 

Equipment provided by Cotswoldetours must not be used whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. 

The leader reserves the right to remove from the tour those who behave in a way considered dangerous to themselves, others on the tour and members of the public or those who have disregard for the instructions of the tour leader. Under these circumstances no refund will be given for either the tour or any equipment hired.

Client consent

Each participant is required to sign a Waiver Form before the tour they have booked commences which confirms they understand the nature of the activity, the risks involved and a declaration of any medical pre-conditions that may affect participation.


The cost of any tour includes the items and services outlined in the description. Any current prices replace all previous price lists. All prices quoted are in Sterling (GBP).


Photographs taken on Cotswoldetours rides may appear in Cotswoldetours promotional material. If participants do not wish their photograph to be used in this way they should indicate this on the Waiver Form. 

We do not store any credit or debit card information given to us by customers and do not share any personal information with any third parties.


Whilst Cotswoldetours make every effort to ensure the safety of all individuals, cycling is a potentially hazardous pursuit. By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge the risks involved and agree it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your own safety, behaving responsibly and within your own capabilities.

Participants agree to indemnify Cotswoldetours, its employees, agents, and any person connected with this business from any liability whatsoever resulting in personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss, damage and expense caused.


While Cotswoldetours endeavours to minimise risk by proactively assessing and managing it in all its activities, clients must accept that injuries and accidents can happen. We strongly recommend that you have insurance in place with adequate medical, personal accident, loss of belongings & cancellation cover. Cotswoldetours cannot be held responsible for your own illness, injury or loss/damage of your belongings while participating in an activity using our equipment.


Participants should ensure they are in good general health and that their choice of tour is within their capabilities. Information relating to the health status of participants is required as part of the booking and consent form process which declares all prior injuries, serious illnesses and medical conditions.

If participants have any doubts about their fitness, they should contact Cotswoldetours before booking and if necessary seek advice from their doctor.

Force majeure

Cotswoldetours shall have no liability or pay any compensation whatsoever in respect of any delay or failure in delivery of any of its stated activities or of any of its other obligations due directly or indirectly to any cause whatsoever outside its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, war, invasion, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, disorder, malicious damage, fire, flood, epidemic, quarantine restriction, strikes or other industrial disputes, unusually severe weather or energy supplies.

Limitation of liability 

Cotswoldetours limits its liability to the maximum extent permitted by law as follows;

It shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered by the customer or any other person. As a consequence of any defect in any product caused by abnormal conditions of storage, treatment or handling or any negligence or wrongful act on the part of the customer or its employees or agents.

Any failure to perform any part of its obligations in these terms and conditions caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Intellectual property

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the products and services shown in Cotswoldetours price lists, webpages, brochures and other literature shall remain at all times the property of Cotswoldetours.

Customer feedback

We welcome feedback on all aspects of our activities so that we can continue to improve the experience for our clients. We would encourage you to submit your comments, photographs and videos of your tour to our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Changes to the itinerary

Cotswoldetours itineraries are well researched and carefully planned. Occasionally we may be required to alter an itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances. In these rare cases, we will endeavour to minimise route changes and maintain quality standards.

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