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E-Biking is the Perfect Way to both Enjoy and Protect the Cotswolds

How E-biking is not only the best way to experience the cotswolds but also to protect it 

There are a ton of fun ways to get around the Cotswolds, but not all of them are good for keeping the place as clean and unspoiled as we’re currently lucky to enjoy it. I don’t know about you, but I want the Cotswolds to keep its signature beauty – and I want to help visitors see and enjoy as much of it as they possibly can.


Enjoying the Cotswolds without also harming it requires a balanced approach. If we wanted to see it without concern for the impact we make on the area, we might be called ‘Cotswold Jeep Tours’ – and we’d tear through the green lanes as if they were indestructible. I’m sure nobody wants this to happen, but there’s something to be said for a tour that still offers excitement, a little adrenalin and minimal impact.


After all, our tours are meant to be for everyone, especially those unfamiliar with off-road riding, and not just those with experience and know-how. This is why I decided to use electric mountain bikes instead of the standard bikes available, as I wanted to make sure everyone taking part would derive the maximum enjoyment possible.  


Electric bikes do this because the bikes support the rider, allowing you to dive into the tour without worrying about tricky hills or distance. It’s a perfect compromise between accessibility and sustainability, providing an experience that is stimulating and rewarding because all riders still have to put effort into getting the best out of their adventure.


The appeal of these guided tours isn’t just that they’re good for the environment – but that they help you get closer to and appreciate it. Touring in a vehicle doesn’t really provide a shared understanding of the effort required or the challenges you faced. Your off-road e-bike experience will definitely give you more stories to share with your friends down the pub!


So, there you have it. Electric biking isn't just good for the environment, but better for everyone if they want to get the most out of their Cotswolds adventure. If you’d like to see the Cotswolds yourself, then go ahead and book a guided tour – we’d love to see you on our next outing!

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