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Finding joy in the small things

It’s the small moments that help to keep our lives fresh and enjoyable.

We all look forward to the big events and big moments where great memories can be made. But it’s the small moments in between that helps to keep our lives fresh and enjoyable. Two of my personal favourites are the first cup of tea of the day and going to bed, slipping between freshly laundered sheets. Bliss.

Spending time in the countryside is incredibly rewarding too, because I know there's always something I see, touch or hear, that lifts my mood. Here in the Cotswolds, we have such rich, diverse fauna and flora throughout the year. And if you are lucky, you could see all sorts of wildlife. Some of my best memories include voles, moles, badgers, and a dormouse. That’s aside from the familiar foxes, deer, red kites and buzzards.

If you’ve never heard a skylark singing, then we guarantee you won’t miss their beautiful voices on one of our tours. The second half of the tour takes you to high ground with absolutely stunning views over the River Severn, looking West. This is where the background soundtrack is filled with their song.

Getting sweaty and stinky whilst riding isn’t exactly why we do it, but there’s something about the achievement of finishing a good ride, that sweat and tired muscles testify to the effort you’ve put in and a reason to be proud. Memories are formed in these moments. And some of you may even have made new friends along the way too.                

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