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Eight Benefits of Team Building with Cotswoldetours

You have a great workforce and you want to reward them in some way.
Perhaps you’ve identified particular attributes that would benefit from an out-of-office team building event.

Cotswoldetours provide businesses with an opportunity for groups to ride in the Cotswolds. Surrounded by exceptional scenery and exploring places you’re unlikely to discover on your own, a team building event is an experience to remember that will be talked about for a long time afterwards.

1. Improved Morale

One of the top benefits of team building activities is improved morale in the office. A workforce that feels cared for creates an environment that is a good place to work.

Improving morale can break down barriers between employees and helps the business to run smoothly and more successfully.


2. Better Communication

Team building exercises encourage staff to communicate with each other. By putting people in a fun and relaxing environment outside the workplace, you’ll encourage everyone to be part of ‘your’ tribe.


3. Trust and Respect

A major benefit of team building is getting to know your work colleagues better, thereby helping to develop trust and respect within the team. The skills and qualities of individual team members are more apparent, enabling colleagues to transfer these insights back to the workplace.


4. Increased Productivity Comes from Increased Motivation

Bringing the team together outside the workplace to share a new experience, when everybody is new to the challenge, encourages an atmosphere of camaraderie between colleagues. This shared venture will help to increase motivation and collaborative team work back in the workplace.


5. Increase in Confidence Levels

Team building days help to improve individual employee self-esteem. Confidence in the success of the business can be bolstered as staff learn to trust their colleague’s skills and capabilities through these shared experiences.


6. It Encourages the Quieter, Shy Colleagues to Shine

Whether working remotely, hybrid or in-office, quiet team members often go un-noticed. They might have valuable contributions to offer but remain in the background rather than speak up. An out-of-office activity will enhance self-esteem for shy individuals and help everyone to understand that all opinions matter.


7. Keep Good Employees

All these factors work together to encourage a higher rate of employee retention. When a good employee leaves, it can be both lengthy and expensive to find the right replacement.


8. Lots of fun!

Creating a fun environment between colleagues and teammates can help in so many ways, from reducing staff turnover and sick days to improving productivity and potentially profits. Team building is a whole lot of fun and is a great way for participants to become more than 9 – 5 work colleagues.

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